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    Yixing Green Enviromental Protection Co.,Ltd.is located in theclear waters, boasts beautiful scenery, scenic taihu lake, the approval of the state council of China's environmental protection science and technology industry park, "" "China pottery, yixing city, "national famous" environmental protection of the township "-and the town, yixing city. Is located in Shanghai, hangzhou, ning of equidistance Yangtze river delta area, convenient transportation gold developed.

    The company integrates design, the manufacture to a body, has strong cold, mechanical processing ability, have indoor driving workshop, open air traffic production sites and other large processing workshop, processing equipment is perfect, automatic roll trigger, folding machine, cutting machine, argon arc welding machine, ac/dc welders, gold processing complete mechanical equipment, the technical force is abundant. The company mainly engaged in various water supply, water drainage treatment engineering, is the production of environmental protection, water treatment equipment specialized enterprise, the annual production capacity of more than 1000 pieces (sets), is a key enterprise of environmental protection industry. The company covers an area of more than 30000 square meters. Existing assets more than 1500 ten thousand yuan, existing staff 150 DuoRen, senior title 5, intermediate title 10 people, primary title 20, 100 DuoRen worker. The company has always adhere to the "quality first, reputation first" principle, adhere to the quality to win, to a set of complete enterprise management to control, ensure the production and the quality of the construction of the link. At the same time, we and tongji university in Shanghai, northwest power design institute of electrical and mechanical design institute, light ministry design institute, shandong yantai industrial institute, and Qingdao construction such as institute of universities and colleges, scientific research units built long-term cooperation relations, common in new product, new technology development and the development, in all kinds of water treatment technology have accumulated DuoNian practice experience, it can provide environmental protection, water treatment technology of the best solutions, implementation of total quality technical services.

    Company to a high level of pursuit, efficient method, made a solid pace. The progress of science and technology, make the product quality, leading all the way DuoCi won award of the various departments. We developed the production of floating water purifiers and contact oxidation tower (pool), buried sewage treatment equipment, ion exchanger, cooling tower, dosing system, deodorant equipment, aerator, hair, packing and other products, widely used in chemical industry, light industry, mining, metallurgical, textile, medicine, drinks and other industries. The product quality and service is deep user trust and praise. Among them, "KG-L type water purifiers and the CT-I type of fe device has won a national science and technology prize of new products, and be" China urban water supply, as the national association of small waterworks recommended product. Company production double speed filter, and was awarded the 95 international environmental protection technology equipment exposition, integrated water treatment equipment has won the 96 national water treatment technology, the company won the silver medal in successive years in wuxi city people's government "abide by contract, keep good faith" enterprise, the wuxi city bureau "the product quality trustworthy enterprise" through the ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification, and received "94 China top enterprise of environmental protection industry, etc. We also and Shanghai urban institute to develop the suitable for urban sewage and large pumping station has the advanced level of wire rope traction type screen machine.

    The company has for many countries large and medium-sized project supporting give, drainage equipment. Such as Beijing joint wastewater treatment engineering, the pudong new area in Shanghai drainage engineering, jiangsu ceramics company wastewater treatment engineering, daqing ethylene project, zhengzhou city, henan province international airport, shandong province, shandong rushan county RouLianChang pingdu Oriental group company, China's oil and gas Co., LTD dalian branch, a factory circulating water system transformation procured, etc. Especially in Shanghai huaxing oil company wastewater treatment engineering, is the largest oil industry in Shanghai in the project investment, the technological process of the technology, the reference Malaysia counterparts of Shanghai environmental protection bureau department audit, argument and determined.

    DuoNian, our company sticks to "science and technology is popular the enterprise, quality take survival, efficiency and development," the purpose, to provide users with reliable quality of products for the development of China's environmental protection career continue to work hard.

    Yixing Green Enviromental Protection Co.,Ltd. of ShaoXiaoGang sincerely welcome the Chinese and foreign friends to instruct us, inspection cooperation, is willing with you together for environmental protection, benefit the human to contribute.

    Yixing Green Enviromental Protection Co.,Ltd.Of the actual results is your ideal choice.