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Fiber ball filter
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1, Summarize

This filter the selection of fiber ball filter material, is by a chemical formula of new synthetic special QianWeiSi make it, its main characteristic is after modification of the essence of the fiber filter material will, by type oil change for close water type. The filter material to dozens of microns in diameter and even the number of micron, have high spicific surface, filtering the advantages of small resistance, solve the granular filter material by filtering precision filter materials such as particle size limit. Is quartz sand filter material and other granular filtering equipment upgrading of products.

The products used in the oil field oily water, and other aspects of the fine filtration, fiber ball not easily sticky oil, facilitate backwashing regeneration, high precision filtration.

The sexual high fiber filter can effectively remove the suspended in the water, and the water of organic matter, colloid, iron, manganese etc distinctly removal function.

2, Scope

Widely used in the circulating water flow filtering, life water depth processing, boiler water treatment, ro lead filtering, sewage reuse filtering.

Used in oil field oily water back to note thick, medium and fine filtration and refinery wastewater discharge of oil fields, processing.

Applicable steel mill, thermoelectric, shipbuilding, papermaking, medicine, chemical industry, textile, food, beverage, water, swimming pool and other industrial use and life in the water and wastewater treatment of circulating water recycle filter processing.

Apply to pure water, sea water desalination, md and focused water engineering, the urban sewage treatment engineering water treatment.