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Walnut filter
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1, Summarize

Walnut filter is walnut as the filter medium, with a special treatment, because the surface area of walnut, adsorption ability, thus high removal rate. Due to close water not close the nature of the oil in the wash, the mixing make walnut mutually in the sport, so take off friction with ability, make renewable ability, chemical stability, be helpful for filter performance long-term stability. Equipment adopting deep bed filter, can greatly improve the cut dirt ability. To use the patent technology type maze held substitute for the sieve tube with water, to avoid the filter in the operation process of the operation with time increase or water quality change and produces jam phenomenon. With strong absorption affinity, cut large amount of pollution; Of oil, oil extraction, suspended matter double-effect purify; Easy regeneration and reverse wash not to add medicine; But serial or parallel etc. Characteristics.

2, Working principle

This filter is use of filtration separation principle of successful development separation equipment, the oil resistant filtration material-special walnut as the filter medium, the use of walnut large surface area and adsorption than strong power, cut and the characteristics of large amount of water, remove oil and suspended substance. The equipment has to be automatic and manual two control mode. Filtering, water, the water is the top-down, filter material layer, set the water, complete the filtration. The wash, blender flip filter material, water, make the filter material from bottom to get thoroughly clean renewable.

3, Scope

3.1 for metallurgical industry, steel, coal industry oily water and other oily wastewater reuse of circulation system with filtering processing.

3.2 the quantity of the water is applied to fine filter, oil injection offshore oil platform output of heavy oil and oil field in hot water boiler recycled water treatment.

3.3 used in power plant, refinery and petrochemical plants of recirculating cooling water filter processing and depth processing.