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Automatic water softener device
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1, Summarize

The automatic soft water can be divided into time control type, type, continuous flow control for water softener system DuoZhong series, a sheet of the single tank, single valve double cans, double valve double cans, large many more parallel valve series, etc DuoZhong tank combination forms, satisfying the customer different water demands. Flow type is set by the flow control automatic regeneration, flow according to size filled amount of resin and the quality condition of different set. Time type is according to the filled amount of resin and the water quality with the specific situation of each hour demand time, by setting time for conversion control automatic regeneration (7 days or 12 days range according to need to set the regeneration cycle, 24 hours of any choice regeneration time)

2, Working principle

Using the kinetic energy of hydraulic control water drive two groups of turbine driving gear push the two groups were water dial and control the rotation of the dish. Water accumulated through the flow rate of the dial panel will raw water pressure signal through a set of passes into a group of valve room, in turn set according to law at the same time open or closed through pressure, so as to achieve the integration in one of a group of valve automatically switch.

The soft water by two resin tank (the Lord pot and vice tank), salt hydraulic control box of three parts, control valves control waterway in the main pot and vice cans, ensure switch between total have a tank in the work of the state, and the other a tank in a renewable or standby mode, renewable salt solution in the valve installed by the venturi thrower inhaled renewable and clean, negative pressure water is another pot of water to soften. For different raw water hardness with different number of water in order to achieve the corresponding dials work and regeneration cycle.

3, scope

Widely applied in all kinds of industrial and civil softening water equipment, such as boiler water supply, heat supply air conditioning system added water, textile printing and dyeing, papermaking, wash clothes, wash bath, food processing, high quality life water etc. Processing flow from every hour 0.3 ~ dozens of tons.

4, Characteristics

A high degree of automation, water supply condition is stable.

High efficiency, low consumption, provincial artificial.

Tanks compression, corrosion.

Widely applicable line: can be widely used in boiler, heat, central air-conditioning system, the laundry equipment, food industry, textile, printing industry.

Equipment compact structure, cover an area of an area small, save the infrastructure investment, installation, commissioning, the use of simple and easy, working parts to stable performance.