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EDI device
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1, Summarize

EDI (Electrodeionization) say again continuous electro-deionization technology, it will be scientifically electrodialysis technology and ion exchange technology is an organic whole, through the Yang, anionic membrane for the Yang, the choice of the anion through role as well as the ion exchange resin in water exchange action, in ion electric field under the action of water of the directional migration to realize the ion, so as to achieve the depth of water purification, and through the water and electricity in salt solution produced hydrogen ions and hydroxyl ions to reload resin regeneration, therefore EDI continuous process of water system does not need to acid, alkali chemicals can be obtained for regeneration high quality ultra pure water, it has advanced technology, compact structure, and the advantages of simple operation, and can be widely used in electric, electronics, medicine, chemical, food and laboratory field, is the green revolution of the water treatment technology.

2, Working principle

Supply raw water into the EDI system, main part into resin/film internal and part the lateral flow along the film board to wash to give the film the ions.

Water soluble resin intercept with ion.

Interception of ions in the electrode function, anionic to positive direction, to negative direction. Cationic

Through cationic film, cationic resin/film from outside.

Through anion film, anionic resin/film from outside.

The concentrated the ions from the wastewater drained out flow.

Without waring resin/film outflow from within.

3, Characteristics

Water has the best stability.

Can the continuous production for the user's ultra pure water.

Modular production, and can realize automatic control.

Do not need to acid and alkali regeneration, no sewage discharge.

Not for renewable and stop.

No chemical storage and transportation equipment and regeneration.

Equipment compact structure, cover an area of an area small.

Operating costs and maintenance cost is low.

Simple operation, low labor strength