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Chemical method chlorine dioxide generator
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1, Summarize

Chlorine dioxide as the international recognized a new generation of strong and efficient disinfectant, the oxidant, the bleaching, already widely used by all over the world. The United States food and drug administration (FDA) and the U.S. environmental protection agency (Epa) after long-term scientific experiments demonstrated, make sure it is sterilization, disinfection, deodorant ideal the potion, the world health organization (WHO) confirmed its is a kind of high efficient strong broad spectrum shoppers agent. Its sterilization ability is the existing chlorine series disinfectants three to five times, and safety, non-toxic, without any side effects. Chlorine dioxide is generally recognized international chlorine series disinfectant most ideal renewal of products.

Chemical method chlorine dioxide generator to use two kinds of chemical method reaction method has the chlorine dioxide.

(1) sodium chlorate produce chemical reactive chlorine dioxide, are as follows:

The Lord reaction: NaClO3 + 2 = = 1/2 + HCl in ClO2 Cl2 + NaCl + H2O

Side effects: NaClO3 + 6 = = 3 + HCl in Cl2 NaCl + 3 H2O

(2) the sodium chlorate chlorine dioxide, reactive as follows: produce

5 NaClO2 + 4 = = 4 HCl in ClO2 + 5 NaCl + 2 H2O

Above the raw material of the respective response measurement device, accurate measurement to the reactor after dosing, chlorine dioxide gas, the reactions that produce the jet pump is mixed with water and made into effective chlorine dioxide disinfection liquid.

The use of advanced formula materials, high efficiency of conversion, chlorine acid, more than 70%, and iodate in, more than 95%.

Design the structure is compact, cover an area of an area small, simple operation, easy maintenance safety. Use fixed number of year long.

A high degree of automation, the control system can be set according to the water quality change than regulation, water shortage and drug dosage has shut down, no medicine, etc. Various kinds of safety protection facilities downtime.

2, Scope

All kinds of waterworks disinfection.

High-rise building secondary water supply, water disinfection.

The vast rural, urban, mining, troops and field workers drinking water, railway water stations manned by the disinfection.

Swimming pool, bath water sterilization disinfection.

Power plants, and other industrial boiler, the use of recirculating cooling water to remove algae sterilization disinfection.

Water reuse of sterilization disinfection.

All kinds of sewage treatment disinfects processing.

Restaurant, hotel, tableware sterilization disinfection.

Food beverage plants vessel sterilization disinfection.

RuPinChang, eleven pipeline environment sterilization disinfection.

Hospital sewage, instrument sterilization disinfection.

Electroplating bearing cyanide wastewater treatment the cyanide.

Printing and dyeing wastewater treatment of dyeing wastewater.

Of hydroxybenzene wastewater treatment of the emergence of phenol.

Oil pipeline of sulfuric acid reducing bacteria out except.