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Power needed to chlorine dioxide generator
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1, this

Electrolysis of chlorine dioxide produced to happen, chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, etc DuoZhong strong oxidizer, have a broad spectrum of oxidation and sterilization ability, can kill the water all kinds of spores virus.

2, the structure characteristics

Advanced technology with high conductivity, electrolytic diaphragm, corrosion resistant, micro pore diameter and free maintenance and long service life, automatic balance cell cathode box and the characteristics of the ph anodic box. The electrolytic diaphragm not only increase the disinfectant happen efficiency, but also reduced the power consumption and sodium chloride consumption.

Advanced the import of chemical forced circulation magnetic pump electrolyte way of working, and to ensure the electrode electrolytic liquefaction of learning components around stability, to make the disinfectant production stable, and improved the disinfectant chlorine dioxide content in.

Scientific and perfect pure titanium heat temperature measurement and control system and cell system, make not only cell remains in the best working temperature, and use in cooling water circulation and not waste.

Generator use PVC and pure titanium corrosion resistant materials, equipment corrosion resistance and long service life.

Five yuan rare metal coating and the activity of electrode, electrolysis titanium high efficiency, stable performance, no clean, corrosion resistance, the service life is more than 15 years.

The generator sealing structure, with the preparation, chlorine dioxide disinfectant negative pressure dosing, work with no leakage and reliable operation.

Advanced technology for water jet counter-attack device to jet device failure will not to rebel cell.

Technology advanced automatic decontamination measurement and control system, according to the cell working state automatic decontamination.

Intelligent adjustable stablized power and advanced technology of electrolytic single-chip microcomputer automatic control system, control equipment automatic operation. Generator can be through the remote passive switch quantity signal start or stop, the computer or remote control of PLC operation state, also can through the residual chlorine sensor or flowmeter signal to realize closed loop automatic feedback control.

3, scope of

Tap water, bring your own water sterilization.

Secondary sterilization of water supply system.

Swimming pools, water sterilization, remove algae.

Aquaculture water and environmental sanitation.

Oil back to disinfect water injection.

Circulation cooling water sterilization, remove algae.

Water sterilization.

Hospital sewage sterilization.

Cyanide, of hydroxybenzene wastewater harmless handling.

The sewage decoloring, deodorant.