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A waste transfer station deodorant device
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    A waste transfer station in every pit sucked and set the upper dust precipitastion passageway, when the dusty gas after settlement, because gravity force hydrocyclone centrifugal role, most of the dust in force, and the remaining settlement in the dust in the second way through dust grid, and there was dust removal of grid block, then be inhaled and waste gas pressure into the dust removal fan deodorization tower in the equipment, cleansing finish remove dust, the process of digestion bad smell.

    This device through the special odor adsorption of solvents as the absorption of liquid to purify the stench decomposition. By high pressure gas centrifugal fan pressure into (inhalation tower body the gas distribution system, first and store the liquid in contact with the water curtain, form a, make the waste gas of the dust, and use of water soluble in in the solution of waste gas odor of the potion in bank of China, reaction, absorption. Then flow to biological adsorption section, the use of special biological bacteria for adsorption decomposition malodorous gases, biological adsorption, after the second set 2 filter layer of gases which the content of dust has reached emissions standards, is on the second floor of the filter set the water device and catalyst decomposition area, use the odorous gases to further decomposition, the stench, methane, hydrogen sulfide set up pollutants such as emissions standards, to be on the safe side after purification of the tower of gas flowing through biological carbon adsorption again for using the characteristics of activated carbon, biological bacteria, to cultivate odorous gases adsorption decomposition. Again Finally the processed by the exhaust system standard gas vented into the air.