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Combination packing
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Combined with soft packing and packing half a soft packing both advantages combined, overcome the disadvantages of both in the waste water treatment. Its structure is the plastic pictures to double circle pressure buckle the big plastic rings, and takes it as a skeleton, will WeiGuan fiber or the aldehyde pressure in the outer ring polyester yarn, fiber bundle evenly distributed in the ring, inner circle around is snowflake plastic, which gives birth to film, branches hang film, and can effectively cutting bubbles, suitable for biological wastewater treatment, improve oxygen transfer rate and utilization, contentious, water, biological film fully, thus make the water exchange receive efficient processing. Organic matter

(1) double packing combined

Plastic ring as a skeleton, relying on the load WeiGuan silk, fine black silk ribbon silk in plastic ring, tighten in sewage plants scattered tow even, gives birth to film, to take off, and of the sewage concentration membrane of good practicability

(2) combined porous ring filler

Plastic rings around for all of 40 square hole, eight bunch of aldehyde uniform in all round the silk. Each bunch of silk acted in collusion with four square model hole, so the aldehyde plastic rings in silk firm degree is self-evident. In the powerful aeration turbulent shock of water flow of the selection of ideal packing. Porous ring filler and combined them in wastewater biochemical treatment packing process is the same.